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About Us

Who We Are

Is Anyone There counselling service is different from other counselling services because it takes a unique approach to mental health and well-being. Our service combines emotional/psychological and spiritual support to suit you.

Everybody has their own situations to deal with and sometimes it can become too much. People who are criminals, convicts or have committed major sins may feel uncomfortable or unworthy to approach religious institutions for therapy. This shouldn’t be the case.

All people are welcomed and encouraged to use our service. We will offer you help to move forward and make positive changes to your lives.

Emotional / psychological and spiritual support do not need to be addressed separately; they can be treated collectively so an individual may benefit from all approaches. Non spiritual or religious counselling such as stress management, or abuse can incorporate all aspects of mental health and well-being using trained counselling personnel.

Our service is open to all. Everybody lives in individual circumstances and how they act and react to given situations differs. Some people who are criminals, convicts or have committed major sins may feel uncomfortable or disconcerted in approaching institutions such as Masajid, church groups and other organised religious institutions for therapy. This should not be the case.

All people are welcomed and encouraged to utilise the services we offer to help them move forward and positively change the course of their lives.

Our staff

Is Anyone There counselling service is established upon strong values and principles.

These values include:

  • Being proactive
  • Strong quality governance and professionalism
  • Meeting the communities needs
  • Developing management and staff with the competencies to satisfy these requirements

Each counsellor holds professional counselling qualifications. They are trained and experienced in various types of counselling. The selection process is vigorous to give us the confidence that they are trusted and equipped to satisfy the needs of our service users.

We make sure that we have enough male and female counsellors. We also ensure that our counsellors and imams have the expertise to deliver the type of support that you need.

Is Anyone There employs voluntary staff for the positions of counsellors, admin and support staff, and for the helpline and switch board. On-going training is incorporated into each staff’s development plan so our objectives are met.

Our Values

Is Anyone There upholds the following values:

  • Client’s rights and dignity
  • Supporting and facilitating alleviation of personal distress
  • Appreciate the differences in cultural human experience, and remaining non-judgmental
  • Providing adequate counselling services whilst ensuring integrity of the client/counsellor relationship
  • Maintaining client confidentiality and ethical practices



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